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Testimonials & Reviews:



We have had very successful rental seasons since we opened.  Thanks so much for your support.

     Regards,     Keith and Susanne LeRiche,   Whisperwood Cottages  Parry Sound



You're my number one source on the net!

Erin Morlock Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages



" has been a great addition to Cedar Grove's web presence.  It has sent many unique visitors to our website in the short time we have been on it. Well done."
Jeremy Fleming,  Cedar Grove Lodge


We had a very successful summer and fall.   According to Stats Counter much of our business came from your site so thank you very much.

Keith and Susanne LeRiche



Hi Gord,

Your website works great for us &  your service is 2nd to none.

Bonnie Hamilton   Pine Vista Resort   705-877-2108

Thanks so much for this great site. It is one of our highest traffic connections to our site!
Stephanie Oakley   Internet Marketing, Bayview Wildwood Resort

Thanks so much Gord.  I really appreciate the great service you provide. You are constantly in my top four for referrals. Sincerely,
Ian West Nipissing Resort

Gord: Thanks for all the referrals we are getting from your site. You are currently our number one referral source!!   Marie Gage


Hi Gord:  Your site is our number 1 referral almost every month! 
Thanks  Susan
Pine Vista Resort
Situated on Spectacular Stoney Lake

Hi Gord:    Just to let you know, your service works. We just got a booking from someone who saw our placement in the Last Minute section.
D. & D.     Don & Diane Stratton    Birch Bend Cottage Resort

Good morning Gord and Nancy,  Happy Canada Day Weekend!    Thanks for your efforts regarding my listing.
I am now full for this weekend!   
Warm regards,  Andrea, Scotsman Point Resort


Hi Gord,  Wasn’t that a great holiday weekend!  We had nice weather and people caught some fish.  Thanks for my listing on the Spring 2007/May Long weekend page.  It generated 2 bookings for me.   Regards,  Andrea, Scotsman Point Resort

The site has been great for the resort . About 80% of the rentals come from it.  
Mike Tomlinson & Bobbi-Jo Tremblett  Silver Sands Resort  Sandy Lake, Buckhorn

Thank you for your great job,  there are many people coming from your site.
Harald & Ingrid,  Wolseley Lodge (French River, Noelville)

Highly recommend you join – a great site for just about anything you may offer and very reasonable too.  We have used this site for the last three or four years and get lots of good bookings from it; love it for the “Last Minute Deals” when we have a last minute cancellation – always seem to fill our vacancies with this site.  Robert and Vicki Lowe,   Black Bear Camp,

Thanks so much. Your website has been very beneficial to our business.  
Edgewater Park Lodge

Hi Gord and Nancy :  Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great site – was able to rent my cabins for this week!! – love the Last Minute Deal Site.  Keep up the great work. Vicki and Bob Lowe,  Black Bear Camp

Congratulations on your award for 2005 business excellence.  Well deserved .  
Bonnie Hamilton, Pine Vista Resort

Many thanks Gord.  Your service is top notch . 
Diane, Snowshoe Camp

Thank you for your continued help, we really appreciate your website for sending business our way.     Jill & Roger Fayle

Hello Gordon,
I really appreciate your website, I see we get a lot of unique visitors straight from it, more than Resorts Ontario!!  Thanks so much, keep up the good work.
Best,  Sam  The Little Inn of Bayfield

Well done and thank goodness for Cottage Resort.Com. !
Eileen & Mike   Lakeside Cottages.

Hello Gordon, is still bringing us more referrals that any other web site! Thank You!!
Noni , Gananoque Inn 

Hi Gord
Thank you very much for getting the changes up so quickly! We really do appreciate how prompt and attentive you always are. Best regards David & Deborah,  Denaut Mansion Country Inn

Hi Gord and Nancy,   We definitely received alot of new clients through your website. Thanks for all your support, Susan Clark, Harbour Hill Cottages

 Hi Gord,   We will definitely be renewing!!! We do get a number of referrals from this site and are pleased with the service provided. Your newsletters are always very helpful and a good reminder to keep us updated, the suggestions are excellent too.        Shannon Billings Wigamog Inn Resort

Gord, is clearly the best 'bang for buck' advertising in Ontario for an accommodator. 
Thanks for providing an awesome service,
Ken McPhail   Kashaga Lodge, Haliburton

Hi Gord and Nancy. We continue to be impressed with the work you're doing at   It is a strong source of referrals to our site.   Hugh Sibbald, The Briar

Hello Gord, is a life saver! Thanks a million!  Using the Last Minute and Summer Vacancies pages, We were able to re-rent the cottage ( # 2) from July17-28th.  Thanks again and have a great day!                  Regards,  Marie-Claire Warden  Ruby's Cottage Resort

Hey Gord,
You're not going to believe this, but it took only two days for someone to book that unit after placing it on your Last Minute webpage!  Thanks,  Ken

Gordon,  If you ever want a testimonial I can give you one. We are averaging 6-8 hits per day from your site.  Its been a lifesaver as we have made some changes to our web site that had us taken off the search engines for a short time.  Debra, Echo Lake Cottage, Sault Ste. Marie

Hi Gord - I am loving the new link from your web site. Just today alone I have had 3 telephone inquiries and 1 booking from your site
Cheers!    Jo-anne   Beachwood Resort

Hello Gord,
Thanks for all the information and help. You have a great website and I  have noticed on my stats that about 40% of enquiries come from your site.   Felicity Barrington

Hi Gord and Nancy:
I had a great season here at the Saucy Willow. Thanks for your last minute ad for me. It really worked for that first week especially.  Thanks again for your great support. Have a great Fall. 
Penny Johansen, Saucy Willow Inn

By the way, the page is great.  We have had tons of inquiries from this site.  Great job.  Darlene , Pleasant Cove Resort

Hope you are having a great summer. We have been 95%+ full. With many guests coming from your site. Best Regards, Brent

Thanks - we're getting an unbelievable number of hits thanks to you folks.  Hope your summer is going well.  Sincerely, Dorothy, Silver Lake Cottage Resort

Hi Gord:  Thanks to you, I was able to fill most of our vacancies.
Thanks, Carole & Cliff Porter, Long Beach Cottages

Gord,       Hope your summer is going well, we are very busy here.... We noticed a great increase in hits from the vacancy and last minute listings we placed with you. Thanks again, Steve and Kathy


Hi Gord:   I can’t believe how fast the July openings  have filled up, will work on the August ones now  – great site, love it!!     Thanks again for the great site.  Vicki and Bob

Thanks for all your help and still being our Number 1 reference for cottage rentals.  
Regards, Gloria and Gus,  Bell Lake Cottages, Parry Sound

April 2003

We are pleased to announce that our Internet website - has been awarded a Golden Web Award for 2003/2004 for the second consecutive year.  The award was presented by The International Association of Web Masters and Designers

Hi Gord:'re good!!  Thanks for the excellent service.
Best Regards,  Michael and Brenda Piraino Northridge Inn and Resort

Hello! Here are some of our new packages. You are still one of the top referral sites for us. Thanks!   Noni Keilty, Gananoque Inn

Hi Gord, Just wanted to let you know your site is performing very well for us. Bill and I are quite pleased with the results thus far. Thanks, Mark Goodwin, Blue Water Acres Resort 

Hello Gord. I thought you might be interested to know that hits from continue to dominate the web site at the Chicchan Retreat Centre. In addition to the others, we've had several inquiries
about holding small weddings at our location.  Dorothy Pedersen, Chicchan Retreat Centre, Hillsburgh 

Still one of our best sources of referrals.
Don Gage, Willow Beach Cottages, Haliburton 

Thank you so much for your help. You have a great website.  
Felicity Barrington, The Chicchan Retreat Centre, Hillsburgh 

Gord & Nancy,
Great news indeed! We are very pleased with the results of listing with 
As new lodge owners, we were interested in web advertising that provided the broadest coverage for the best price. We also list with DueNorth and they provide all the links we need for customers interested in fishing holidays, and is providing links for those interested in family vacations, providing between 40-50% of our hits. With only these two web advertisers, we are receiving numerous hits and leads, so we are convinced we have spent our advertising dollars wisely.     Thanks for all the help!    Steve and Kathy Holt  Charlton Lake Camp

Many thanks for putting us on your highlighted list. I have checked our web hits and without doubt the majority are from your site ... over 80%
Thanks again  Gary,  Algonquin Inn

Thanks, Merry Christmas and all the best  to yourself and your family!  
P.S. We are getting a good traffic flow through your site. Thought you might appreciate hearing from your customers.
Linda Hofstetter, Maple Brae Cottages

Thanks ever so much Gord - you do such a marvelous job with your marketing and provide a much needed service - I certainly appreciate all that you do!! Regards, Elaine Matton  Water's Edge Vacation Rentals

Dear Gord and Nancy,
We are delighted to renew our subscription. Keep up the good work!
Noni Keilty, Gananoque Inn

You have a powerful website that generates excellent traffic - so these links are much appreciated.     Gerry Cariou, Executive Director, Ontario Sunset Country Tourist Association

Hi Gord;   The site looks great and we see a lot of referrals, so it's working .  Good Job keep it up...  Thanks again for all your hard work getting our message out there. Jennifer, Viamede Resort

Hello Gord and Nancy, Just to let you know we were very successful in booking our last minute cottages.  We are full until Labour day, thanks for your help.  You can remove our last minute deal notice. Thanks again for your great service!   Mirek & Jeanne Samborski

Hi Gord, Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you that in the 24 hours we have been listed on your website, we have had 3 confirmed bookings. We are just thrilled. I'll keep you posted and let you know how our first summer in business turns out. Thanks again, Linda Rylott White Pine Cottages on Lake St. Peter

Hello Again Gord & Nancy,
Thanks again for your prompt and efficient service don't know what we would do without your site!
Happy summering
Brenda & Marty  Birchwood Camp

Gord and Nancy, Thank you so much for your speedy action.  You continue to provide top notch customer service.  It's a pleasure to deal with you as always. 
Your site continues to be our number one source for bookings! 
  Have a great day!
  Nancy,   Jack's Lake Lodge


We are pleased to announce that our Internet website - has been awarded a Golden Web Award for 2002/2003  The award was presented by The International Association of Web Masters and Designers


Thanks.  Keep up the good work! You are one of our best referral sources!  Don and 
Marie Gage, Willow Beach Cottages, Haliburton

Your site is doing a great job being on top … way to go! Thanks Gord for your prompt response.  Your site is great.  We really appreciate your effort to promote  the tourism industry and small business. John and Vickie , Fox Lake Lodge, Sudbury

Hi Gord and Nancy: Once again, thanks for your support. You do a terrific job!  
Penny Johansen.
Saucy Willow Inn:,

We are still getting lots of feedback from your website.  Thank you so much.    
Jack's Lake Lodge

Hello. Greetings from The Gananoque Inn. Your site continues to drove more traffic to us than any other site! Thank You! Noni Keilty

Hi Gord: I just wanted to congratulate you on the superb job that you are doing for our resort. I receive at least 10 e-mails a day requesting information on the resort, which has resulted in many confirmed bookings for the 2002 season.  Keep up the great work!   Rosalinda De Souza, Shady Point Resort

Hi Gord and Nancy,   Greetings!  Our first year at Birch Lodge has come and gone.  We had a very successful season and met a lot of interesting people and enjoyed ourselves as well. was very good for us, we had a lot of requests coming in from there and we look forward to continued business with you. Thanks!  Best regards, Dianne Derksen Sudbury

Gord,   I was checking my website statistics today (NedStat) and am pleased (and amazed) at the number of referrals from your sites. Of 100 visits a total of 83 came from your site. Your high profile really works!! Brent  Brent and Judi Ross ROSS COUNTRY RETREAT

I put a notice on the Last Minute Deals and the New Years page for a 2 bedroom cottage cancellation.  It was rebooked within an hour.  Thank you!
Doug Pincoe, Pickerel Lake Cottages

Hi Gord: Thank you... I love it. It is refreshing to work with someone that is so efficient and can translate exactly what you want.  
Rosalinda De Souza, Shady Point Resort

Hi Gord & Nancy,
After having 100% bookings last summer, (we are normally 80% booked July / August, your site has probably given us the other 20%) I want to make sure we are still listed with you. Thanks again. 
Kevin Jones Glenvale Village

Thanks again and keep up the great work.  We appreciate it.
Bonnie Hamilton, Pine Vista Resort

Our stats show that drives more traffic to our site that any other.
Thank You!!!!
Noni Kielty, Gananoque Inn


As we approach our 5th summer in business (2002!) we have enjoyed watching our business grow and the reservations come in earlier and earlier each year.  This past year we were booked solid for July & August by the end of March thanks in part to  Lo & behold with early bookings comes more cancellations since life can throw a curve to everyone within a 12 month period.  Gord, your timely assistance in posting our vacancies as they came in due to these cancellations was of great help.  Every week that was cancelled was rebooked.  Some in less than a day all due to the exposure on  As a result, every subsequent phone call that came in was referred to your web site in hopes that they would find accommodation elsewhere.  Great service and great results.  Thanks so much! Best regards, Peter & Pam Fischer Lake Edge Cottages, Bed & Breakfast (705) 652-9080 Reservation Line:  1-866-LAK-EDGE

Thank you for thinking of Blue Spruce.
Lynda and Scott

Hi ,
Just wanted to let you know that we rented the last cottage today, we are now fully booked for the coming week. Many thanks,
Trevor and Judith-  Lakeview Cottage Resort

Thank you for providing the update on the last minute page;  we were able to fill both spots from referrals from your site. Keep up the good work.
Jennifer, Viamede Resort

Great service, thanks.
dgc   Donna Carpenter

Yes, you can use us as a reference.
Roxann, Moose Horn Lodge, Chapleau, Ontario

Hi Gord,
We are FULL until after Labour Day. Thanks for the great work! 
Marian & Rick  Marrick's Landing, Burleigh Falls

Hi from Long Beach!  Thanks so much for your "Last Minute Deals" exposure - we filled it in 2 hours!!  THANKS VERY MUCH!    
Thank you SO MUCH.  You have been great, and a very big part of our success!!     
Cliff & Carole Porter, Long Beach Cottages & Trailer Park

Hi Gord and Nancy:
Thanks, having a great summer thanks to your site, the bookings are fabulous!
Vicki and Bob Lowe
Black Bear Camp

Hello Gord & Nancy,   Like everyone else, we been busy. I'd like to let you know that our listing on your site has been incredible.   Kevin Jones Glenvale Village Resort, Cameron Lake

Gord and Nancy,

 I wish to acknowledge the good response that we have been receiving as a  result of connecting with your site. 

Hi Gord, Thanks for adding Sunnylea Resort to the last-minute page, just before the long weekend. The phone rang off the wall Wed and Thurs up to the long weekend!
Thanks for your help. Sherry Lajoie and Ole Flyng  (705) 538 2527

Thanks again for all your hard work, we are doing very well again this year because of, much more action than Due-North and a third of the price.
Vicki and Bob Lowe,  Black Bear Camp, Espanola

We were surprised to see that was sending our website more referrals than Resorts Ontario.  We're very pleased with the number of tourist referrals received from  We'd recommend you to anyone.    
Dave Siberry, Bangor Lodge, Bracebridge

Thanks for your help!  Your web site is indeed working compared to some of the others we have listed with.  Great work! Best regards, Peter & Pam Fischer Lake Edge Cottages, Bed & Breakfast

  Hi Gord, Happy New Year!  We had a very busy Christmas and New Year.   Thanks a lot for all of your hard work on this web site. We have definitely enjoyed a healthy return from it.   
Sandy, Sunny Point Cottages and Inn, Parry Sound


Gord and Nancy,
Thank you so very much for offering this service.  We should have been involved before this.
Your initiative in composing an ad for us and activating it immediately, resulted in a weekend reservation for us the next day!    Unbelievable....
Sincerely, Patti and Dennis Irwin, Irwin Inn on Stoney Lake, Lakefield


Hi Gord & Nancy!
Your directory is great!  At least 60% of our business is through the internet!
Lots of our guests have been telling us that they heard about us through your
site! Thank you so much for all of you help in getting started and for your
guidance in the beginning! You both were a great help, we learned a lot from you both!
We get calls every day thanks to your site. Keep up the great work!
Danette & Steve
Sand Lake Cottages & Inn, Kearney


Since we listed with your service, we have received an increase in enquiries
three fold.  We have had thousands of hits and the email and phone enquiries
have been non stop this summer.  We feel that your web site address of
"" is the perfect phrase or combination that search
engines aim for when the public is looking for accommodations.  I would have
to say that at least 80% of our business this summer has come through your

Your attention to the seasonal newsletters and promotions for upcoming
specials is very informative to both the tourism operator and traveling
Your services and website are great.  Please keep up the good work.

A very happy customer......... BELL LAKE COTTAGES

Gloria Rogers       Bell Lake Cottages, Parry Sound, Ontario

Gord and Nancy:
Yes, we are very happy with your site and are getting bookings - especially the
last minute page - you were life savers in July. Keep up the good work.  Nice of you to ask for opinions!!
Vicki and Bob Lowe,  Black Bear Camp, Espanola

Yes, we are very happy with your service.  We have definitely increased our occupancy rate since joining with your service.  The hot deals page has been extremely helpful.  From feedback from our guests, it seems that you have one of the easiest sites to locate and move around in.  We have had several comments from our guests about your "great site".  We don't have any comments for improvements at this time.  Thanks for your help.  

Miranda. Silver Lake Cottage Resort, Parry Sound.

Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our presence on the internet through www.cottage-resort.comWe have had many requests and  a few bookings from being with you for a month and it can only bring in more.  The vacancy page and pets welcome page have been particularly useful for us.  I just wanted to let you know!  You have helped make our first
season a success.  I have also passed on our experience to other resort  owners in the area and hope they give you a call. 
Thank you!  Marian & Rick  Marrick's Landing, Burleigh Falls

From March to June, our records show that we have had 15 reservations that are attributable to someone finding us through
Thanks for pushing us to join up...there are so many opportunities for links
on the web that it is hard to know which ones to choose.
Don & Marie Gage Willow Beach Cottages 1-705-457-1110

Rated as 8 out of 10 for Information and 10 out of 10 for Results! as reported by Lance Chilton on VRLand Television News

Hi, I just wanted to compliment and thank you on your website
It was very informative and helped my girlfriend and I plan a weekend getaway.  Keep up the good work.
B R. B.
Borden, ON Canada

I have to say that your web site is a highly successful one as we have been
literally inundated with requests for New Year's Eve, people enquiring
about summer employment and even some accommodation in June!  Rest assured
that we have told many people how effective your site is and hopefully this
may generate some business your way. 

Jan R. 

Thanks a lot Gord and Nancy, you have been a huge help in promoting Deer
Park Lodge in my first year of ownership.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Pine Vista Resort   1-800-634-2848
Just a quick note Gord, to thank you for a referral we got from your site.
We were able to sell a $ 300.00 Gift Certificate to a gentleman who said he found
our site through .

Thank you very much for earlier suggestion that Aston Resort
would make a lovely site for a wedding reception. My fiance and I
went to see this it this past weekend and agree it is delightful.

Your Web site was a great find. I wonder if you might be able to
help with some additional information. I'm hoping to be married next
year (September, 2000) in Port Carling and am looking for a
resort/inn  to hold the reception (it would need to accommodate
about 100 to 150 guests). Could you suggest any of the area
resorts that would be suitable for something like this.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
Best regards,

Everything at my fingertips.  Couldn't find a better place to find a
nice place to stay and found one-

Thank you for such a great site !

Just to let you know that our inquiries are way up, and I suspect partly
because of the new cottage-resort site you run.
Mostly they are looking for what we don't have -- last week of July sort of
thing, but sooner or later they'll want the vacancies!

Nancy Tapley, Bondi Village Resort, Dwight, Ontario

Ask the folks at  about us.   Doug and Nora of
Baytides Management are happy to provide references.

Hi Gord & Nancy,
Thank you so much. We are getting lots of e mail and telephone
follow-ups. Hope you are going to have a great season as well. All the best.
Ed & Shirley
Tumblehome Lodge Cottage Resort

click here for:
New Local Web Site Offers World Wide Exposure for Ontario Tourism
By Catherine Glass, NORTH COUNTRY BUSINESS Publication,  May 1999

Thank you for telling us about
Since we listed our Inn, we've had many telephone calls and a number of bookings!
Theresa,   Portage Inn, Huntsville

Greetings Gord and Nancy;
Love your web site. I'm like a kid-with-a-new-toy when it comes to this
stuff, so couldn't resist a quick visit to your site. Well done!

Alan Simmons, CSP Visit Alan on the web

globe&mailhder.gif (3056 bytes)
Travel April 10, 1999
by Laszlo Buhasz

A new and comprehensive Web site is a great place to start a search for rental cottages as well as inns, lodges and resorts in Ontario: .

April 9, 1999
by Chris McConnell

I spent some time on your web site and it looks like a terrific resource for
anyone planning a getaway.  Great job!


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