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Wasaga Beach, Midland, Penetang
Wasaga Beach - the World's longest freshwater beach


Double D Chalets  (Wasaga Beach)                    705-422-0000
On a spacious private 1 acre lot, close to Beach #1.  Each chalet has 2 double beds a sofa bed, BBQ, air conditioning, kitchenette, 3 piece bathroom.  We have volleyball, badminton, basketball, fire pit, children’s play area, lots of parking.

Morest Campground & Cottages (Wasaga Beach) 705-422-1221
Cozy summer cottages in the heart of Wasaga Beach.  Enjoy evenings sitting on your covered front porch or relax by a crackling campfire.   Large heated pool, playground, picnic tables, fire pits, campsites.  Short walk to the beach, shops, and restaurants. Pets Welcome

Saga Resort  (Wasaga Beach)                           800-263-7053
4 out of 5 Rating Trip Most luxurious resort in Wasaga Beach. Motel Rooms, Jacuzzi Suites, Honeymoon Suites, Mini Condos, deluxe Chalets and Summer Cottages available year round. Fun place to stay! 


Adrian's Cottages   (Wasaga)                           705-429-2913

Alton Lodges    (Wasaga)                                  705-429-2420

Bayfront Beach Resort Condos (Wasaga Beach) 705-623-5515 or 705-429-1970

Bayview Cottages (Wasaga)                              705-429-3804

Bay Village  (Wasaga)                                        705-429-4008

Belwood Cottages (Wasaga)                              705-429-5488

Birch Haven By the Beach  (Wasaga)               705 429-7257

Black Forest Cottages (Wasaga)                      705-429-6529

Blue Coast Cottages (Wasaga) 416-315-9558 / Seasonal 705-429-0574

Blue Heron Cabins (Wasaga)                              705-429-5775

Blue lagoon Cottages (Wasaga)                         705-429-7929

Boyer Cottage Court (Wasaga)                           705-429-7411

Bungalows on the Beach (Wasaga)                     705-429-1576

Cassie's Cottages (Wasaga)                                705-429-8598

Cedarwood Cottages (Wasaga)                           705-429-2650

Come by Chance Cottages (Wasaga)                 705-429-6952

Devlin Cottage Court   (Wasaga)                        705-429-2621

Donato House Hotel ( Wasaga)                           877-372-4411

Double D Chalets (Wasaga)                                705-422-0000

Edgewater Cottages (Wasaga)                            705-429-3205

Erdan Cottages (Wasaga)                                   705-429-4008

Four Seasons Lodges (Wasaga)                         705-429-4000

Georgian Inn Resort (Wasaga)                           705-429-2319

Georgian Shores Cottages (Wasaga)                 705-429-2947

Gillespie Cottages (Wasaga Beach)                   705-466-3752

Granada Cottage Court (Wasaga)                    705-429-3012

Hollywood Cottages (Wasaga)                            705-429-2914

Huronia Beach Resort (Wasaga)                        705-429-4000

Joanna Cottages (Wasaga)                                705-429-2030

Kingsbridge Inn (Wasaga)                                  888-435-9555

Kora's Kottages (Wasaga)                                  705-429-2111

Luau Cottages (  Wasaga)                                 705-429-2252

Mason's Shadi-Oaks Cottage Court                    705-429-1677

McFadden Cottages (Wasaga)                          705-429-2627

Mermaid Cottage Court (Wasaga)                     705-429-3643

Morest Campground and Cottages (Wasaga)    705-422-1221

Oak Haven Cottages (Wasaga)                          705-429-2915

Park 58 (Wasaga)                                               705-429-3005

Richard Guinette Cottages (Wasaga)                  705-444-0105

Riverside Cottages (Wasaga)                               705-429-6383

Riverview Cottages (Wasaga)                              705-429-2914

Robinson Cottages (Wasaga)                              705-429-3804

Romona Cottages (Wasaga)                               705-429-3915

Sand and Surf Cottages (Wasaga)                      705-429-6228

Sandy lane Cottages (Wasaga)                            705-429-5061

Summer Sands Cottages (wasaga)                       705-429-6909

Sunset Crest Cottages (wasaga)                           705-429-1405

Surfside Cottages (Wasaga)                                  705-429-2392

Trade Winds Cottages (Wasaga 107 River Rd. East)   705-429-8798

Trade Winds Cottages (Wasaga 725 River Rd. East)   705-429-6264

Villa Nova Cottages (Wasaga)                                705-429-1757

Wasaga Riverboat Inn                                              705-429-3330

Woodland Cedars Family Cottage Resort (Wasaga/Woodland Beach) – 705-361-1461


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